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Plant Of The Month - September



Garden mums will make your yard explode with a tumult of color. But that's not all – (florist) mums are just as much of a visual focal point when potted and brought indoors. So if you want colorful blooms that will make your landscape design the envy of the neighborhood this fall, think mums.


Fun Facts:

  • Mums originated in China 3,500 years ago. They came to Europe in the 1600s and to the US during colonial times.

  • Mums have a natural insecticide (pyrethrins) in their makeup.

  • The flowers can survive up to two weeks when cut and placed in a vase.

  • Garden mums are planted outside. Florist mums can be potted for indoor use.

  • Although most mums have only one blossom, some varieties of mums, referred to as spray chrysanthemums can have three to seven.

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There are two types of mums that you may come across; Garden mums are rugged perennials that you can plant outdoors and will live the year around being healthy and happy in your flower bed. Then there are florist mums. These are just as beautiful, but less hardy. Florist mums are meant to be potted and live indoors. If you plant them outdoors, they will survive until the first frost… but not after. Make sure that you are choosing the correct variety for your needs. Garden mums grow best in rich, well-drained soil and thrive on lots of direct sunlight.

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