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Plant Of The Month - March

Fruit Trees

Apples & Pears

With spring right around the corner, it’s a good time to enhance your garden with some foodscaping. Fruit trees like apples and pears come in several varieties that grow well around here. While fruit trees take some extra care, it all pays off when you take a bite of your reward.  

What could be better than food, shade and beautiful blossoms in a single plant?


Fun Facts:

  • Apples originated in central Asia, and their wild ancestor is still common there.

  • In addition to their fruits, pear trees are valued for their wood, which is used in woodwind instruments and furniture.

  • Worldwide, people grow and eat about 3,000 varieties of pears, and more than 7,500 varieties of apples.

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Apples will thrive in full sun and loamy, neutral soil. A lot of factors, such as pests, weather and pollination requirements, to name a few, make apples more difficult to grow than other fruits, so they require diligence - contact your local cooperative extension service before taking them on. The reward is oh so sweet.

Pears like loamy, sandy soil that drains well and full sun. You’ll need at least two compatible varieties for cross-pollination to bear fruit. They like some space for good air circulation, so plant standard-size varieties about 20-25 feet apart and dwarf varieties 12-15 feet apart.

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