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Plant Of The Month - July


Lantana camara

Bring birds and butterflies to your yard with the bright, multi-colored blooms of lantana. This vine-like, perennial flowering shrub in the verbena family blooms prodigiously beginning in the spring and lasts until the first frost. Grab some lantana this month at Marvin's.


Fun Facts:

  • Lantana can produce up to 12,000 seeds a year from a single plant!

  • Lantana has been used in traditional folk remedies to treat skin conditions, stress and high blood pressure.

  • In the language of flowers, lantana represents rigor.

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Plant lantana in open sun just after the last frost of spring.

They can tolerate most soil types, but a slightly acidic growing medium is ideal. Mulching with pine needles will give great results.

New plants need frequent watering, but once they're established, soak them once a week.

To encourage reblooming, deadhead periodically. Overgrown plants can be given new life by cutting back a third of their growth.

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