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Plant Of The Month - May



Often grown as annuals, petunias are popular because of their long flowering period. Multiflora are the most durable and prolific, while floribunda are fairly common and produce medium-size flowers. Milliflora are much smaller than others, but they are prolific and last all season. Spreading or trailing petunias are low-growing but spread 3 to 4 feet and form a vibrant, colorful groundcover.


Did You Know:

  • Petunias are in the family Solanceae — nightshades — which includes tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco and eggplants.

  • Petunias are native to South America and are best grown in tropical areas.

  • The word “Petunia’” is from a native South American word “petun”, the name for tobacco, of which it is a close relative.

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Petunias need full sun in soil that drains well.

Plant about a foot apart after the last spring frost in a place that is sheltered from wind exposure.

As Petunias are heat-tolerant, a thorough watering once a week should be sufficient. When you do water, keep in mind that shallow watering encourages shallow roots. The spreading types of petunias and those in containers require more frequent watering.

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