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Plant Of The Month - October


Viola x wittrockiana

Now that fall has arrived, fall flowers like the pansy are here to brighten up your garden. With beautiful and varied colors and heart-shaped petals that overlap and form the welcoming face of each flower, the pansy simply shouts autumn.

Use pansies as ground cover, as borders, or as the focus of your fall garden display. These little beauties are sure to light up the gloomy fall days. Pansies also thrive as potted plants, making them perfect gifts to brighten anyone's day.


Fun Facts:

  • The name pansy comes from the french, 'pensee,' which refers to thought or remembrance.

  • The ancient Greeks and Celts believed that the pansy could be used as part of a 'Love Potion.' Shakespeare agreed, featuring pansy based love potions in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Hamlet!

  • Pansies were once used to predict omens and signs. The thickness, leaning, and number of lines on a pansy's petal all had different meanings that supposedly foretold the future.

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Pansies grow best in humus-rich, moist, but well-drained soil. They can tolerate both sun and slightly shaded areas, but thrive in cooler temps. So be sure that they're out of the afternoon sun. 

Water pansies regularly, and use an all-purpose fertilizer around them. 

Pansies also do well in pots, making them great indoor plants too.

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