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Lovely Landscaping


There's almost nothing better than stepping outside to the smell of fresh cut grass. It almost seems as if it makes the birds chirp, the sun shine and time just slows down for you. But, a perfect lawn isn't easy to come by - it takes some serious sweat (but hopefully no tears).

Do you have some patchy dead spots on your lawn? We get that. There are some ways to fix these problems to make your lawn look new again.

  1. Clear out any debris and loosen the soil. Ideally, you'll loosen about 2-3 inches of the soil so that the grass seed is planted correctly.

  2. Scatter grass seeds. Lightly scratch and tamp the area so the seed can make contact with the soil.

  3. Scatter a fertilizer that is meant for new grass over the areas that need those extra nutrients.

  4. Water. Water. Water. New grass needs enough water that the top two inches are wet. You can even spread a mulch such as straw or chopped leaves over the grass to slow down evaporation. In hot weather like we have in the south, you may need to water your new grass a few times a day.

  5. Only begin mowing when the grass is around 4 inches tall.

  6. Using a weed killer can help keep your lawn fresh & smooth for the rest of the summer!

  7. Take your shoes off and enjoy!


Have you ever wondered how to cut your grass like a pro? Picking out the right lawn mower can be a bit daunting. With so many options to choose from - we thought we'd give you some tips.



Pros: Gas engine makes it very powerful.
Cons: Not ideal for larger yards as you'll have to push this machine.


Pros: The drivetrain will push the mower forward, so they're good on any terrain including hills.
Cons: Not as nimble, making them hard to use around trees or flower beds.

Options: Bagged lawn mowers collect cut grass for easy distribution (whether you distribute throughout your yard, into a yard waste bin or in a compost pile). Bagless mowers leave cut grass behind, which will decompose to provide fertilization to the lawn. With a bagless mower, the lawn tends to be a little messier.


Pros: Comfortable and easy. Most can handle gentle slopes quickly and efficiently.
Cons: Slower than a lawn tractor on large lawns. Require more storage space.

Options: Zero Turn Mowers pivot instead of turn, making them able to turn on a dime. This makes it easier to get close to shrubs, trees and and other lawn obstacles.


Pros: Can handle most terrains and very large yards. Many lawn tractors can also handle snowplow blades or work carts.
Cons: Requires a lot of space, gas and upkeep. Typically more expensive.

Kick it up a notch.​

Sometimes a perfect lawn just isn't enough. If you love a bit of color and want to add some live goods to your yard - like flowers or vegetables, Marvin's is the place to start. Looking for some inspiration? Check out our guide on live goods!

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